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The Two Questions Life Asks Of Us All

The two questions:
– Is it possible to be happy with this life (you are living)?
– Did you enjoy your story?

If you’re not happy with the story as it’s being told… remember that you are the one who is telling the story.

6 thoughts on “The Two Questions Life Asks Of Us All

  1. Polonca

    Very interesting question… as my big imagination that i have fom my mother site and music in my heart fom my father site i know and i believe it could be much more as i live today…..
    I work in a cosmetic industry Beiersdorf it is called now for allready 10 years and i have my own bussines… the money is ok, i do my own work plans and cheduless. I live in a rent appartment… I know it is something more…..My soul wants to dance…and to teach people how to live healthy.. I did some classes to teach pilates and I dance proffesionaly when i was young…,I studyed how to balace the body and mind, eat healthy, indyan filosofy, Yung, Carma proccess, make up artist, massage tehnic.
    From my early days i dreamed to have my studio for body work named PIKAPOLONICA…LADYBIRD…but i could not realized it…I don”t know where to start… My parents are poor, AND Money makes a world go around….
    Best wishes…

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