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The Solar Cooker Oven Project

Some of you know this already, but Carrie and I are working on a book to teach everyday people (like us) how to green in their daily lives (without growing a beard and becoming a granola-eating, tree-hugging, no-deodorant-wearing, beard-growing hippie), and one of the things we are doing in that community is building a web site called
The past two weeks, for that site, we’ve been building and testing out solar cookers, so we wanted to share some of that experience here on our site, to see if anyone here might have an interest in solar cooking (and if not, just to share what we’ve been up to.

So, here are a few of our videos about solar cookers and solar cooking!
How to Make a Solar Funnel Cooker

Eggplant Parmesan in a pizza box solar cooker
(this didn’t work because we didn’t get all the steps we needed to make the pizza box solar cooker)

Heating Leftovers in a solar cooker

If you want to see all the videos, visit

0 thoughts on “The Solar Cooker Oven Project

  1. Brian

    Wow… that’s great! Glad the deck makes such a nice platform to catch the sun. Looks like an interesting project. Will it cook meat safely?

  2. Mara Osio

    Good morning Carrie & Jonathan,
    Hope you both are well. For the past two days I have been browing through your solar cooking video and I was so delighted to watch them. I want to make and use a solar cooker as well! It is great to use the power of sun light and being environmental conscious / in contact with nature. We should be reminded more often about those points.
    Back to the cooker, I think the main problem (well, apart from gathering the parts and putting together the cooker, you know, a detail..) is the time it takes to heat up the food; when I feelhungry I want to eat soon 🙂
    BTW, the part of the video when Jonathan mixes up which sides to cut of the eagle cooker and talks about “measure twice, cut once” – still cracks me up.
    AND congratulations for your one year anniversary!! I couldn’t believe it’s been one year – Time goes fast doesn’t it?
    Will write more later. Have a good day. HUGS,

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