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The New Siam 2 Hotel

The New Siam 2 is what I would call a “good enough” hotel.

The New Siam 2 is in the middle of Bangkok, is easy walking distance to the palace and a few of the other great sites in Bangkok, and the rooms are not expensive.

We spent one night at The New Siam 2.

What I liked about the New Siam II

  • Location is great
  • Helpful, courteous staff
  • Restaurant and pool on site
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Price ($23/night)
  • It’s off of a main street (but not on the street)

What I didn’t like about the New Siam ii

  • All the room doors open directly into an open stairway, where all the noises of the hallway can be heard all night.
  • It needs a coat of paint. The New Siam II is clean, but just needs someone to come and make it look fresh.
  • Outside noises (street-level) can be heard when in the bathroom or when the air conditioner is off.

If you have just one night in Bangkok, and you need a place to stay where your things will stay safe and you’ll probably get an okay night of sleep (without spending a lot), the New Siam II will probably be good for you.

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