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The Most Destructive Thought Of The Week

I turned on the radio to find some inspiration about something that I’m having difficulty with, and I heard a song that’s an anthem to the weekend.

In a roundabout way, this song has helped me remember some things.

Funny how when you’re looking for something, you can find the meaning and inspiration you need… often in the most likely places.  (Among these I put books of poems, the bible, the radio, and going for a walk.  But back to the point…)

The song is called “I don’t have to be Me Until Monday.”

It talks about how on the weekend, the singer can be anybody he wants to be.

The song says that he can take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to be somebody else (so long as he calls into work and tells a little white lie about Friday).

Here – have a listen.

It’s fine to play fantasy. It’s fine to pretend to be someone else sometimes… and for just a little while.

But the work you do during the week, the way you spend your days, is the most important thing on the planet.

The things you do with most of your hours are what are becoming

  • your impact
  • your significance
  • your legacy

If your primary driving force is that you dislike who you are during the week, and that you love the person you get to be on the weekends, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate life a little (or a lot).

It’s possible that you really like yourself a LOT, and that the person you are on the weekends is the person you really are.

Perhaps you should spend more time pursuing that life (your weekend life) during the week.

Perhaps it would be good to spend time finding a way to do what you love that allows you to be of service to others (yes, it will be work, but so is anything meaningful in life), instead of believing that who you are on the weekends is some pretend person.

If you relate to the person singing this song and you dislike what you do during the week, you should know that who you are on the weekends is probably more the real you.

And here’s the good news:

There is some aspect of what you do on the weekends that can be turned into a way for you to make a difference, have fun, and earn a significant income doing it.

I believe with everything in me that is true.

Carrie and I have built that in the past.

It takes a lot of work.

And at the moment, even I’m struggling to figure out how to really do that effectively in a way that will last long-term and give us the full benefits of the kind of life we want to have.

Life seems quite expensive and stagnating in America.

I feel like I’m constantly pulled by expectations from a society and structure that I really have been out of sync with for a long time… maybe my whole life.

But I’m working on it every day.

Deciding that having fun, and that who you get to be “on the weekends” isn’t who you really are, is massively deceiving to yourself.

It’s also like defeating the person you really are, without even giving that person a change to shine.

You probably dislike the person you are during the week, and the things that person “weekday person” does, because that person isn’t really you.

Deciding that you are the “weekday person” (especially if you dislike that person) is, without a doubt, the most destructive thought I have heard in a long time.

Unfortunately, it seems to be one of the predominant thoughts of mainstream society at the moment.

This means that many people probably dislike themselves quite a bit.

I get it.

You’ve got bills to pay, and the job (that you don’t like) pays those bills.  I really do get it.

But what if you’re destined for something much more?

What if how old or young you are is completely irrelevant?

What if what you know, or what you’ve done, can truly assist you, and you have everything you need right now, to turn your weekend fun into your weekday life?

What if your “weekend person” is, and can truly be your “everyday person”?

John Addison said that “Some people’s ‘somedays’ become a handful of some people’s ‘every days’.”

It’s true.

Carrie and I spend two years doing just that.

If you’re looking for help finding how how to turn your weekend person into your weekday person, I’ve found these resources helpful:


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