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The Long Life Hotel in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam long life hotel
If you are looking for a good hotel in Hoi An, Vietnam, you really should look at the Hoi An Riverside Long Life Hotel.

As far as mid-range (but really nice) hotels go, this place rocks.

It has a beautiful pool, helpful and friendly staff, good Internet (with a capital “I”), an amazing bathroom (probably our favorite bathroom anywhere in hotels we’ve stayed in), and comes with a great breakfast spread every morning.
Hoi An, Vietnam long life hotel

The Long Life Hotel is close enough to the old city of Hoi An (a UNESCO heritage site) that all you have to do is walk across the bridge and you are there (literally 3 minutes walking).

At the same time, The Long Life Hotel is far enough away from the hustle and bustle that you can be completely secluded and away from things when you want to get a good night’s sleep.

And we slept well in Hoi An not only because it was quiet (and because we got a joint case of the sniffles while in Vietnam), but because the bed is a foam (rather than spring) mattress.

And this bed was very comfortable.

(In a few of the places we travel, we end up sleeping on beds that are springs, but could be mistaken for lumpy hardened clay. We are thankful for a bed everywhere we go. At the same time, sometimes it’s fascinating how a hotel can get everything right, except the bed, when the bed can often be fixed with a simple $5 or $10 foam roll placed on top of the less than comfortable springs. However, at the Long Life Hotel Riverside, the latex foam mattress bed was very comfortable.)

My only recommendation for improvement here at the Long Life Hotel would be to somehow block more of the noises from the property behind the hotel. They were minimal in frequency, but somewhat loud when they happened.

And, of course, to start accepting credit cards. (We didn’t know until check-out that they accept cash only.)
Hoi An, Vietnam long life hotel
The rooms have Ethernet, and a computer, in-room which means that even if the Wifi doesn’t work (as it didn’t with us – don’t know why), you can still plug in to the Ethernet cable directly.

Each room also has it’s own DVD player and a selection of western DVDs at the front desk (in case you’re interested in watching a DVD while in Vietnam).

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

I liked our time at the Long Life Hotel.

At $45/night, it’s a mid-range hotel in terms of expense, but feels like a quite fancy place.
Hoi An, Vietnam long life hotel05

6 thoughts on “The Long Life Hotel in Hoi An, Vietnam

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    1. carrie

      Picture coming shortly… it was just the way the tub was set up and it had one of those rainfall showers that just drops water on you instead of pressuing. Really nice.

  2. Michael

    Reading your reviews about tailors. Thanks for the commentary and effort.

    WARNING!!! – Want to share some negative on Long Life. They will accept your reservation for reverside knowing they are overbooked in hopes you’ll accept being rerouted to their underbooked older musty understaffed hotel about 10 minutes off the river.

    Story – My wife an i booked a room there and when we arrived they told us they made a mistake on anothers reservation that they discovered early morning. They negelcted to tell us by e-mail but replied to our confirmation of the pickup from the airport in the afternoon. We moved to Ancient House Riverside who had last minute availability on a holiday weekend. For $100 per night we are staying in the 2 room suite. Thanks for the pictures of Long Life. It looks like a very nice place we would have enjoyed. Regardless, now I know we upgraded. Ancient appears to be even nicer than Long life. Downside – distance from town – but they have a shuttle or taxi is $4 each way. Definitely worth it and fortunate mistake on their part. Hope this helps someone.

    1. strive4impact Post author

      That was good to know. We discovered as well the day before checking out that they have rooms that are below ground, but still get natural light through the atrium space in the middle of the hotel, and the person who told us about those rooms said they could be rented for $35/night.

      We had checked out Ancient and it appeared to be a nicer hotel, but our room at Long Life Riverside was great. Our biggest disappointment with the hotel was that they didn’t accept credit/debit cards, which meant that for our 10 nights, we paid $450, but that required 5 withdrawls from the ATM with a fee EACH time we withdrew.

      A hotel that charges $45/night really needs to accept credit cards. Charge me an additional 3% fee – no problem. Just accept cards. Other than that, we were pleased and thank-you for making the time to comment. Hoi An is a great town, isn’t it? What did you like best from your time there?

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