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The Last Time: Leaving Argentina and thoughts on “The Last Time”

Why does it sometimes take our leaving a place for us to appreciate the most mundane things about it?
This video is for a little side project I’m working on called Wisdomish, which is just a place for me to share thoughts in video form…
It’s also the video I made to close out the videos I made for the time we spent in Buenos Aires in 2008.
Simply an awesome time, and one which was a good test to see if it would be possible to do the the kind of location-independent working and travel that Carrie and I want to do globally, as a lifestyle, sometime in late 2009/early 2010.

Would love any thoughts or comments on the video.

0 thoughts on “The Last Time: Leaving Argentina and thoughts on “The Last Time”

  1. Emily Eberhard

    I enjoyed – and felt a little sentimental – watching this video about “the last time” and Buenos Aires. Who knows if I will ever be there again? You and Carrie were definitely one of the highlights of our little adventure. Thanks for helping me appreciate what’s going on NOW in any case. – Emily

  2. Renee Fields

    Love hearing of your travels.
    I think I see the making of a
    new Rick Steves reporter traveling about the Globe!!
    Life only comes around once!!

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