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Stunning Slovenia

Other than my Grandma’s Potica (poe teet zuh – a dessert made from honey, sweet dough, and nuts), I had not heard much about Slovenia.

It’s really only been a country for about 20 years
Ljubljana, Slovenia travel and family
The scenery and landscape is quite stunning.

With topography that takes you from snowy mountains to the ocean over a relatively small distance, it is truly possible in Slovenia to spend the morning skiing in the mountains, and the afternoon sunning on the beach by the seaside.

If you do this in Slovenia, you will have driven just two hours and covered the majority of the country.

Near Postojna (pronounced Post-Own-yuh), there is a castle built right into a natural rock formation that was carved out by water flows. Aside from providing an excellent defensive position, the location of the castle also gave it the advantage of having an underground river directly below it.
Ljubljana, Slovenia travel and family
We didn’t tour the castle since it wasn’t open yet (we got there about 8 AM, and we had other engagements in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana (Lube Lee Awn yuh) encompasses all the beauty and history of any city in Western Europe, combined with the cleanliness of the nicest cities we’ve been in, (which have been in Germany).
Ljubljana, Slovenia travel and family
Ljublijana is the capital of Slovenia, and is a beautiful and easy 3 hour drive from Venice, Italy.

We met quite a few of my distant relatives there, who took us around town, out for a wonderful lunch, and showed us around the capital.

Another hour east of there live more of the descendants of two of my Grandma’s cousins.

We stayed the night at the winery of Martina, who is my Grandma’s cousin’s daughter (I know that’s a lot of steps…)

Staying at a winery is something we’ve wanted to do. Martina’s winery sits above and overlooks the whole valley with the town of Kostanjevica (pronounced coast-an-yay-vee-kuh).
Ljubljana, Slovenia travel and family
Kostanjevica is the closest town to the town of Drama (pronounced like we say it in English), the small village where my Grandma’s mom was from.

It was surprising to be so welcomed, and to experience such niceness in a place I’ve not heard much about before.

If you get a chance, visit Slovenia.

The kindness and sincerity of the people is fantastic, and the beauty of the place is stunning.
Ljubljana, Slovenia travel and family

4 thoughts on “Stunning Slovenia

  1. Marty

    I was in Ljubljona last summer, but did not see this castle–how I wish we had seen this–it’s so beautiful and unusual. Did your relatives
    tell you about it, or how did you find out about it and was it near
    the town?

    1. strive4impact Post author

      There was a sign on the highway as we were driving from Italy to Ljubljana for the castle and we thought we’d go and see it, since we had an hour more than we thought we would have.

      We saw the castle before meeting the relatives… it is a beautiful place!

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