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Stand Back, Buenos Aires!

It has been over a month since Carrie or I have made an update to
And we realized over the past week that many people don’t know this, so here it is…
We’re currently sitting at Denver International Airport, waiting for a flight to Dallas.
But Dallas is our connection.
The final desitnation, as the title of this post would suggest, is Buenos Aires, Argentina!
We will be living and working there.
The most common question we get when we go to travel somewhere is:
Because we want to experience what it’s like there.
We’ll be living and working in Buenos Aires, as we do at home, but will be experiencing what it’s like in a different place.
Thank-you to everyone who has supported us in taking care of things at home while we’re gone. We REALLY appreciate you!
So, here’s a quick overview of Buenos Aires, as well as approximately where we’ll be staying (in Palermo, which is a district of Buenos Aires).
Oh, and it’s 1 hour ahead of the Eastern time zone in the US, so it’s three hours ahead of Colorado.

Where in the world is Buenos Aires, Argentina
Where is Buenos Aires in Argentina
More pictures coming soon (they’re not uploading from the airport for some reason).
Stand back, Buenos Aires!
Here we come!

0 thoughts on “Stand Back, Buenos Aires!

  1. Renee Fields

    How I wish I had my life over & I’d live it JUST LIKE YOU!! I would live & travel the world constantly!! By the way, something you MUST SEE while you are there–the grave of Eva Peron!! Just standing there “moved me” since my favorite play is Evita!! The Ceme. is in the middle of the town. Any tour co. can direct you. ALSO, try to fly over to spend a few days in BARILOCHE,
    go through the Cordov Area like Switzerland & into the lrg. church “the gateway to Argentinean Lake Region & the Alpine village of the Andes.” Take the tour out to see the
    snow topped mountains out of town. HAVE A FABULOUS LIFE THERE!!! Love Renee

  2. Tanja Pasanen

    Hey u 2 🙂
    You guys are amazing! You don’t just talk about doing things -you really make them happen! You’re soooo easy to look up to in everything you two do! I wish you guys all the best for your “journey”!
    And for how long will you be staying in Argentina?
    Tanja 🙂

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