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Shove Memorial Chapel

I thought it would be nice for all of you to see pictures of the chapel where we’re getting married in Colorado Springs. More pictures can be seen in the extended entry.
Here is the picture that made us choose to visit Shove. I’m not sure who took it, or how they got it that light, but it’s gorgeous!

The lighting inside is extremely liimited, as it is almost completely naturally lit. Here are some pictures of another wedding in Shove:
Here are some pictures that Jonathan and I took while we were there last August.
shove1.jpg shove3.jpg Shove-Chapel-Alter.jpg shove2.jpg
Outside Shove:
mr&mrswelch_03.jpg shove.jpg mr&mrswelch_05.jpg mr&mrswelch_06.jpg mr&mrswelch_08.jpg

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