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Shaving Your Face Gives You Better Suction

Today is our last day in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

We have lots of pictures and some stories to share, but mostly, we’ve spent our 5 days here on the island catching up on sleep and relaxing.

Most people seem to think of our travels as a “vacation” rather than a lifestyle.

For us however, this time in Tahiti has been a nice vacation.

Today, our last day, we are super excited because we are going SCUBA diving.

We got certified in SCUBA in Panama back in November last year, and haven’t been SCUBA diving since, so I’m REALLY looking forward to it.

What better way to spend your last day on a tropical island paradise than exploring the world below the island?

One thing I learned early on with SCUBA is that I can’t have a goattee while SCUBA diving because it prevents the mask from getting good suction to my face.

So I spent some time today giving myself a really good shave.

This makes to make sure no water is leaking into my mask due to of mustache hairs preventing the mask from getting a good seal.

For those who are interested in SCUBA diving in Tahiti:

A 2-tank dive trip (which means that we go to two different locations and get to dive twice on the same boat trip), costs 11,800 per person through the hotel concierge (cheapest we’ve found).

However, since there are two of us, this price is reduced to 23,000, which means we’ll have 4 hours of SCUBA time (1 1/2-2 hours underwater) for about $240.

This may sound kind of expensive (and is definitely expensive compared to diving in Panama), but everything is expensive here in Tahiti.  We’re excited to explore the underwater world here and see if it’s as amazing as the views and sounds we’ve been experiencing above the water.

We will let you know how our diving in Tahiti goes.  We leave in an hour!

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