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Rome: Visiting the Coliseum With My Sister

Rome, Visiting the Coliseum
We found a place (an apartment) in Rome that was walking distance to the Coliseum.

And so, on our first night in Rome, I went with my sister Deanna (and Carrie) on a short 6 block walk to the Coliseum.

I was here in 1993, but I remember the experience of approaching such a mammoth structure from such a (seemingly) ancient time.

It was fantastic to share the experience with my sister as she approached the coliseum for the first time.
Rome, Visiting the Coliseum
“It’s funny how it’s just… here, right in the middle of everything,” she said.

It is really funny.

The modern city of Rome built up and on top of the thousands of years that is under the city, and yet the coliseum, despite its years of wear, abuse, and need to be repaired and restored, remains as a testament to the city and civilization which once controlled much of Europe and the known world of the west.
Rome, Visiting the Coliseum
I was really glad to get to come and see this place with her, and to experience it the first time with someone who can take the time to let this place and her experience in Italy have a profound impact on her life.

Mostly, I am excited to see my sister again. Spending time with her in Tuscany and Rome has been really fun and a special time for me.
Rome, Visiting the Coliseum
Rome, Visiting the Coliseum

3 thoughts on “Rome: Visiting the Coliseum With My Sister

  1. Deanna

    Thank you for such a wonderful post! 🙂 I could not have asked for better people to share such a monumental experience with and this night is definitely one of my favorite experiences from the trip! I love you both and cannot wait for more experiences together soon!

  2. Lisa

    Love hearing about this experience as we were totally tuckered out and could not make the late night trip. Funny how that works out for the best sometimes because I think this experience was even memorable with just you two and Deanna. Awesome!!

    1. strive4impact Post author

      I don’t know if it was “more” memorable, but it was definitely a fun night and was great to experience Deanna’s reactions as she saw it for the first time. Was also an amazing night for taking pictures. All in all totally great.

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