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Ring Designing

Last week, Jonathan took me to Biondi to begin the process of designing my ring. It was such an awesome experience. Michelle (the co-owner, with her husband) had me sit down and try on almost every ring in the store. She wanted me to be sure that I knew what I liked. While I was doing that, it was like she was reading my mind. I even think she was a couple of times. She even had me try on rings that I liked outside so that I could see what they looked like in natural light.
I found two that I think I really like. They’re quite different from each other, but both are very unique, and will be even more so when we design the final ring together. Michelle is ordering in some loose stones so that we can choose which one(s) to be put into the final ring.
Our next appointment is this Friday, and I can’t wait! If anyone is looking for any type of jewlery, go to Biondi (in Aurora at Parker and Quincy). I’ve never had a better experience!

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