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Questions about climbing Kilimanjaro

Hi there.
My name is joseph and i just finished watching your kilimanjaro video. It’s something i am planning to do next august/september and I am trying to find out as much about the climb as possible prior to doing it.
Altitude is going to be my weakness as I have never exposed myself to that height before and I was wanting to know whether you did any previous climbing at that height prior to the climb?

Nope. No hiking at that height. Although we do live in Colorado (where the elevation is a mile above sea level), and went for a few hikes in the mountains, up around 9,000/10,000 feet. The best preparation we did was to go to Washington D.C. for 12 days prior to our climb and be tourists. We talked about 5-7 miles/day in Washington D.C., and that made all the difference once we were on the mountain. (Other people we were climbing with were sore… we experienced very little of that in the first few days.)
Also, how much was the climb and which company did you do it through? would you recommend them?
Yes. We would definitely recommend them. It was a little more expensive than some of the other packages we could have gotten, but completely worth it. I think it cost $2600 each for 9 days in Africa (which included a 1 day safari, all of our accommodations before climbing and after coming off the mountain, and everything on the mountain). It did not include airfare, which was about $1800 each.
We went through Kevin Cherilla ( on the American side, who partnered with Simon Mtui in Tanzania and (name of company I don’t remember).

Kevin’s contact info is Kevin Cherilla 602.686.6146
Hope this is helpful for you!

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