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Poems: The Elements

The Elements
by Jonathan Kraft

Written October 18 1995 when Jonathan is 16

The Elements

You sustain all living things on
the planet, simply by being what
you are. Yet you’ve never asked for any

You seem just to be, and
yet without what you
give, life would not exist.
I want to say to you, even
if it is the only time
that you will hear it.

I wish that I could know the
wisdom you do, and have your
sustaining power without wanting


At times you blow softly
through the hills, creating for
many a great sense of

You blow where you wish;
I hear the sound you make,
I do not know where you come
from, or where you are going.
At times you create destruction,
and that makes you

I long for your spirit, not
for the part that is untamed,
but the part that is


Your sound is soothing music
to many. To others, you are
their vented sound of

You wind your way seemingly
aimlessly, but I know you have
an ultimate goal. To show
others your peacefulness,
that their hearts may be full of
that same kind of caring and

Your power seems only less
infinite than one thing in
this world of powerful emotions…
Your patience


You evil, thieving destruction.
Robbing people of their
pozessions, their homes, and their

And yet, what keeps me warm
when I have naught on a cold night?
What lights my way when
technology fails me? You come to my side, and although threatening,
I always know I can rely on

If only I could understand
your need for destruction.
Then perhaps you could be a

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