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Poem: Who’s To Say

Someone hired me to write a poem about blended families.  Here is what I wrote.

Who’s To Say
by Jonathan Kraft

People have perceptions
Of what the world should be
Who belongs to where and
What defines a family

Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters
It is a well-known story
what roles each person plays
Let’s take an inventory

A mother cares and nurtures
She brings together with her care
differing voices and opinions
Teaching everyone to share

A father protects and conquers
showing those who look to him
How to keep on going
When times look kind of grim

Brothers and Sisters listen
They walk the path and build
A story that’s worth living
A life that’s lived fulfilled

Siblings are there when you need to talk
Like when you need some sound advice
Or simply for no reason at all
When you need to be with someone nice

So who’s to say our only fathers
Must be those we know at birth
We can have many mothers
Who help us know our worth

In life we get two families
A family we’re born into
Another that we choose to build
Which we can always create anew

Families bring challenges
That’s the value of this life
We grow into new opportunities
through how we handle strife

A family is what you make of it
You’re the one who can decide
The home and life in which you live…
Come from the love that’s shared inside

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