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Poem: What’s She Looking At?

What’s She Looking At?
by Jonathan Kraft

Written 15. February, 2005

What is she looking at?
What has come to stare her in the face?
Is it something she can control?
Is it something she must learn to let go of?
Is it something that will help or hinder her?

I do not know.
But you can see her as well as I.
What do you think she’s looking at?
Do you wish she was looking at you?
She seems to be staring off into oblivion, and you are definitely more interesting than oblivion.
So why is she not looking at you?

What is she looking at?
Perhaps she’s looking for.

2 thoughts on “Poem: What’s She Looking At?

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Very good question. Someone I was watching across a room who was intently staring… at times she looked sad and other times optimistic. It caused me to write a poem about her.

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