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Poem: What Legacy?

What Legacy?
by Jonathan Kraft
written 8. Jan 2013
while being frustrated by American life,
and while thinking about the Aurora movie theater shooting,
and the elementary school shooting

Surrounded by light and beauty
But fumbling in the darkness
Because I don’t know where to plug in
I feel like the goodness in me
is dying.

And that makes me want to
scream in defiance
cry in the corner
and turn the inner turmoil
out upon the world

The questions become for us
those who rage against the destruction of our goodness…

(Knowing that we will use the anger
as a driving force
behind the legacy we leave…
We must use the anger
in some way
it’s simply not in us to let it sit)

What is that legacy?
What will this anger have meant, and created, in the world?

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