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Poem: True Beauty

Written in November 1995 when Jonathan is 16.

This poem was written about a girl Jonathan met at church and dated (she broke up with him).


True Beauty
by Jonathan Kraft

For every one of us in life
there can be found at least one beauty
that will completely set our heart afire,
that will make us totally free

It seems that I find such beauty
in fewer and fewer places as I mature,
and yet I always know that I can find it
in most of the caricatures of nature

Whether it be in the sight of a flower
or by a river with a book
listening to the sounds of nature
hearing them in a babbling brook

The beauty can be found in waves and gulls
that live at the edge of the sea
It can be found most anywhere in nature
for nature’s a thing of beauty

But I have found something new to discover
in this world of a fast-moving pace
I have found something more than I thought
this beauty is in her face.

Yes, I have found something that caught me off guard
that more than resembles this beauty
Something I was sure I’d never discover
that she is this beauty for me

She is the one whose deep brown eyes
say whatever you need to hear
they possess great wisdom from her
and yet still know how to shed a tear

She is the one whose insights fit
together with mine as a match
we’ve turned the key of eachother’s hearts,
Now we must open the latch.

In choosing to pursue this beauty
I have but one regret
That I didn’t pursue her sooner
Perhaps I should’ve the night that we met.

I decided not to go further
simply out of fear
I decided to wait, even though I knew
the possibility for love was near

You see my friends, that I have been
much like many of you
In telling myself not to go further
but I have discovered that not to be true

I knew from the beginning this beauty
was put there for me to see,
but I regret having had lingering fear
when all the time I had the key.

The key to open her heart was in my hand
and mine was held in hers,
now that we’ve unlocked our hearts
we don’t have to have fears

I’ve discovered something with her
that I knew was there all along.
She has such beauty as part of her spirit
And my feelings for her are growing strong.

So to all of you who wait and wonder
stop waiting and seize the opportunity
for you may find that you have the key
And then you will know true beauty.

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