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Poem: The Conqueror Of The World (Happy Birthday to A Step-Dad)

Someone hired me to write a happy birthday poem for a step-dad.

If you’d like a customized happy birthday poem, please let me know.

The Conqueror Of The World
by Jonathan Kraft

Most people say that dad
Is a man to be admired.
Through his strong example, he’s
someone who helps you be inspired.

He’s the one who’s seen to keep
the order in the family hive.
He’s expected to conquer the world,
Yet be home for dinner at 5.

He’s the one who supposed to have
the weight of the world on his shoulders,
be caring and supportive,
yet have the strength to move boulders.

Well, you’ve not necessarily needed
to have that kind of authority.
But you’ve done and said the things
that showed how much you cared for me.

Roles are roles that we play
Because of what some others think
But you’ve simply been genuine,
and that’s where we share a link.

It’s for me that you’ve really been
someone to guide and be an ear,
someone I can always connect to,
someone who can help make things clear.

And so on this, unique, special day,
as we celebrate, I’m very glad,
to get to know you, to know who you are.
Happy birthday to my step-dad.

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