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Poem: Sheltered Under Her Wing

Sheltered Under Her Wing
by Jonathan Kraft

There once was a mother duck
who cared for, under her wing
sheltered away from the challenging world,
her very own little duckling

Normally ducks travel in pairs
But this one was single and had no fear
And no matter where you would see her
her love for her duckling was clear

This duck couldn’t often go play on the pond
and didn’t have time for splashing around
for she had a little duckling to care for
no time for a careless quacking sound

If she could find food, only for one,
you knew the duckling would be one to eat
and the little one got to ride on her back
when it got tired on it’s own two feet

And when the time came for the duckling to fly
the mother duck showed her caring then too
She taught her duckling to lift from the ground
for flying was part of growing, she knew

Being a single duck’s quite a challenge
But you, momma rose to help every need
and now that your duckling is all grown
I thank you for it – it’s let me succeed.

You’ve helped me build a really great life
you’ve let me learn what it means to share
Thank-you for building space for me to grow.
Thank-you for all of your amazing care.


This poem was written for a client who sent the following request:

I would like a poem dedicated to single mom. Please write from the perspective of an adult child praising their mom for the sacrifices she made while raising them. The mom’s sacrifices made them the successful person they are today. The adjective loving, committed and unselfish come to mind but you don’t have to use them

This is the poem that I wrote based on that request.

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