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Poem: Let’s Eat Ice Cream

Someone hired me to write this poem for them.

Here is the information I was given in order to write this poem.

okay the poem is a love poem…

it has to be a modern day version of the passionate shepherd to his love (the passionate shepherd to his love by Christopher Marlowe)
basically a love poem but has to be appropriate
it has to have a
a) An appropriate title
b) 4 stanzas with rhyme scheme
c) Alliteration, similes and any other figures of speech that you would like to include
d) references to activities that are common for your generation era and society

so i will be writing the poem from my point of view about asking my love to come maybe have an ice cream with me? for a funny poem because this is how modern day is now

And here is the poem I wrote.

Let’s Eat Ice Cream

by Jonathan Kraft

When we are texting on the phone
It simply can’t be overblown
The love I know you feel for me
Obvious when my phone lights up shiny

But I can not feel your hug through this
and unlike Spiderman’s famous kiss
I can not hang upside dow’
Weaving wild webs of wow

But come with me – let’s eat ice cream
I’ll make it like a heavenly dream.
I’ll care for you all of our days.
I’ll even go to shows and sappy plays…

And even if they’re sad chick flicks
I’ll let you choose and have your pick.
So let’s be together, I promise ’twill be fun.
Together we’ll drive into the setting sun.

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