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Poem: For A Single Mom, From A Grown Child

For A Single Mom
by Jonathan Kraft

I can look back and see
how truly tough life must have been

You there with me
a little child

But your loving arms always around me
Your dedicated attention always caring for me
Your committed decisions providing for me

My single mom, never felt single to me.
You always felt whole.
And loving.
And complete.

You built this space
where I was free to be
free to be me

It must have taken immense strength
to build that space
and keep it strong.

You defended me.
You nurtured me.
You sacrificed, so that I could be.

Thank-you for your sacrifice
and for the special unique way
You’ve demonstrated your love for me
each and every day.

One thought on “Poem: For A Single Mom, From A Grown Child

  1. gabriel

    hi carrie and jonathan, beautiful poem that applies to my mom, because my dad died when i was 10, this month we plan to move to our new home, regards and best wishes to both of you, gabriel.-

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