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Poem: Clean Out The Old

Clean Out The Old
by Jonathan Kraft

Written 10. May, 2005

Clean out the old to bring in the new
This is something I’ve been told I must do

In order to embrace all of the success
that life has in store I must confess

my faults and weaknesses, improving what I can
finding hope in the future, creating power where I stand

welcoming new opportunity, letting go of old thought
success is not something that can ever be bought

or won in a contest. No, success takes “I will”
and being willing to develop every possible skill

which will carry me forward to the place I belong
away from the city of the weak to the mountain of the strong.

The lives I will impact, the hearts I will touch
My words and example to their hearts they will clutch.

So today I’m carrying out the old, and bringing in what’s new
opening body, heart and mind to ALL I can do.

Goal setting is my hymn back to the almighty on the opposite of the page.
Reviewing my day is a chance for me to come clean and be accountable to the dreams the creator put into me.

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