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Poem: Christmas With Asperger’s

Someone contacted me to write a Christmas poem for them.

The request was for a poem for parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s is a type of autism. As you can imagine, Christmastime could bring even more challenges for parents who already have extra challenges.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think may enjoy or receive a positive impact from it.

Christmas With Asperger’s
by Jonathan Kraft

At Christmastime, asperger’s
can be an interesting challenge to bear.
New Christmas lights, new Christmas songs,
new presents filled with underwear

These all bring questions, sometimes frustration.
New things are hard to understand.
Asperger’s prefers life be just the same,
and prefers things to go just as planned.

So a change-up like this in the normal routine
(Especially the first few times) is hard.
“I want the train to go the other way!”
“I don’t like green and red Christmas cards.”

And so many people. They’re everywhere!
The stores are filled to the top.
These lead to easy overstimulation
even just for a quick stop at the shop.

And in the middle of this extra stress,
someone may suggest next year’s new IEP.
And insurance may deny a claim,
and there may be extra needed therapy.

But when you reach the night before Christmas
All will be well… and all can relax
You’ve cared for someone with Asperger’s
Do you know how great are your acts?

The care we show when we care for others
Gives us quite a lift
Sharing our time and love and attention…
Those return to us, an amazing gift.

We get to learn and we get be more,
as we help others to learn and grow.
It’s sometimes hard to see this change,
but deep down inside, we know…

that when we hear a line from a movie
repeated over, (and over,) and over again,
and a child melts down (very publicly),
and it’s handled in stride with a nod and a grin…

you’ve become more than you were before.
Your love and skills can’t be surpassed.
So take some time now to celebrate.
You’ve created changes that last.

Even though you may give a present
and hear a literal “I don’t like this!”,
your care is unique, and your kind of care
is the true meaning of Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “Poem: Christmas With Asperger’s

  1. Lisa

    This brings me to tears — it’s so beautiful!! Dealing with Asperger’s is such a challenge for everyone involved and I have a high school student who has to deal with it daily. His parents are so amazing because they have been able to get their son involved in going to Broadway Shows and buying lots of souveniers to take home so the experience lasts longer than just the showtime. They take him skiing and travel with him as often as they can to enhance his vision of the world. AND they have provided private lessons to capitalize on his perfect pitch and appreciation of music. When piano lessons didn’t appeal, he began voice lessons with me and this is a boy who will barely speak up. His parents are amazing because they took his interest in something and provided a way for him to develop his talent. Now, he sings with a beautiful baritone sound and can stop and start to rehearse sections without showing frustration. He is interested in singing all kinds of music and approaches each one with curiosity and hard work. We just found out that he made it into All-State Choir which requires a very complex audition and the competition is steep. I am very proud of this young man who is finding ways to be successful in life. I have learned so much from both him and his parents.

    Also, thank-you for your poem, Jon, it is beautifully put and I’m so proud of you for taking the time to express something so hard to understand!

    1. strive4impact Post author

      I’m sure your working with him has impacted his life in positive ways that he will realize for years to come (although it may take a few years before he really realizes that impact).

      Behold the amazing power of music. We would all do well to remember to value and incorporate it into our lives more. I know I need to use it more as a mood adjuster and motivator… like the You Are The Voice video we posted from New Zealand. Was just thinking about that song today.

      In your time teaching music, can you think of a few ways or times that music has had such an impact as it has with your student with Asperger’s? Congratulations again on his appointment to all-state choir!

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