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Poem: Big, Mean Billy

Big Mean Billy
by Jonathan Kraft

Big, mean, Billy was a bully, big and bad.
He seemed to get great joy in making others sad.
He walked like he was king, thinking he was funny.
He hurt people, every day, and took all their lunch money.

Billy thought he had great friends, but they were all just scared
No one would stand up to him. No one ever dared.
They didn’t want to make him mad or get on his wrong side
So when he came around to them, they’d often run and hide.

Billy had grown taller, sooner, than those aged same as him
Billy never knew there’d be someone like little Tim
Billy didn’t know the things coming in his future
He didn’t know that one day there would be someone bigger

But then two weeks apart, two new kids showed up at school
Todd came to this new place and the kids thought he was cool.
Todd made friends easily, it changed the whole school’s scene
He was friends with those to whom Billy was so mean

Billy knew enough to know to leave big Todd alone
but it was hard for Billy, he had given up his throne.
Todd was nice to everyone and liked by everyone
It looked like they all played quite well, and had lots of fun.

The next week brought to school little Timmy fast and spry.
Billy thought “a new victim,” but Tim was quite a guy.
Tim had dealt with bullies before, and he knew want to do
One day when Billy threatened him, Tim grabbed on Billy’s shoe

Tim pulled hard on shoelaces, Billy fell down to the ground
Timmy didn’t want to hurt, but he heard a crying sound.
And there lay big Bad Billy, just lying in the dirt.
Tim felt bad. He knew it was Billy’s feelings that were hurt.

He knew that he had caused Billy quite a bit of sorrow.
He said, “Hey Billy, let me know if you ever need to borrow.”
And straight from his pocket he gave Billy a new dollar
He said “I know you need a friend, so just give me a holler.”

Billy could not believe it. He’d offered to be his friend.
He’d given money willingly. He was willing to lend.
And Billy didn’t understand just why Timmy would
be so nice to him. Tim was just downright good.

Billy lost his place that day at the top of the school’s ladder
but he gained something new, something to really matter
His new friend showed that he could choose to change his own mind
His days and weeks were better when he chose to be kind.

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