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Poem: An Anthem For Morning

An Anthem For Morning
by Jonathan Kraft

Written November 2005

The power of the world
with out you
Is nothing compared with
the power of the world
within you

Become the dream.
Become the force for the greater good.
Become the superhero!
Become the story only read about in books.
Behold the day!
This day, this time, this place
Is all for you!
Will you step into this day?

Tomorrow will come soon enough.
Yesterday has already left your feet.
Step into this day, will you?
And Rise into all it holds for you.

It is yours. Dream it!
Live it!
Love it!
Be it!

For today may be the last
Or today may be the first
And beginnings and endings
Require all that you are…

So Rise! Rise! Rise!

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