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Poem: A Prayer For Growth

A Prayer Of Growth
by Jonathan Kraft

Written 27. September, 2005 – 1:03 AM
My 26th birthday

I usually focus so much
On how can I…
How to make it better…
What could improve?

That I am able to overcome
-and block out –
What if…
What if it doesn’t work?
What if I’m not good enough?
What if I can’t provide?

But tonight
As the obligations, promises, challenges, and desires
mount up, and ride through a field, to survey a
crop, planted, but not harvested,

The questions and “what ifs”
are so loudly echoing,
galloping prints from massive horses,
beating across my mind, driven
by riders of doubt, hate, lack, and fear.

Help me, in this, my 26th year, to truly grow
a field of such height, and such beauty, that the riders,
their horses, their prints, and the sounds of their hooves,
are but mere afterthoughts of that once was,
before such a beautiful field existed.

And let the riders become the knights,
the gardeners, and defenders against all pests, vermin, and invaders.

And help me to know the path toward the field’s growth.

And help me to use the best tools for its harvest.

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