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Pineapple Lumps: Lumps of Pineapple Growing on Trees?

Pineapple Lumps Pineapple lumps

Who would have thought that something so delicious as pineapple lumps could actually grow on a tree?

Much more than that, who would have thought that the tree pineapple lumps grow on would be a rosemary tree?

In part 13 of Matt’s exotic plants of New Zealand, we cover these very delicate and delicious chocolate covered confections.

From WikiMedia:

Pineapple Lumps are a flavored chocolate covered candy with a soft, chewy pineapple-flavoured middle that are unique to New Zealand. They are often identified as Kiwiana.

The first Pineapple Lumps were made by the Regina confectionary factory (now called Rainbow factory) in Oamaru in 1935. Charles Diver, the confectionery chef and floor production manager at Regina, who would later create other classic kiwi sweets, was given the task of using up waste product from other lollies of the time. One sweet in particular, an early version of the chocolate fish with a banana flavoured marshmallow middle, had the most left overs.

Pineapple Lumps are currently made by Pascall and typically come in 140g and 300g size packs. Pineapple Lumps were originally called Pinapple Chunks.

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