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Pictures of Quito From Our Balcony

Pictures of Quito from our balcony
We got a new camera (which I love) for Christmas from our parents and families.
There’s a problem with the lens (has a black smudge somewhere inside) which mysteriously appeared one day in Panama and hasn’t gone away.
I need to get in touch with Nikon to see what they can do about it (since it’s under warranty).
With us being in South America, I don’t know what they will do, but hopefully they will replace it or have a place to repair it here in Quito. (Wishful thinking?)

Despite this, I’ve still been able to get some GREAT pictures, and wanted to share some of the pictures I’ve taken of Quito and Pichincha from the balcony of our apartment.
None of these have been touched by Photoshop in any way, other than to add the watermark in the bottom right.
The originals have MUCH more clarity, but I’ve resized these (and the resizing program makes them grainy) for faster loading on the web.
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them.

7 thoughts on “Pictures of Quito From Our Balcony

  1. Jonathan

    Hey Jesse!
    Infrastructure in Quito is great. Lots of public transportation (city buses have their own lanes and cost 25 cents) from one end of the city to the other, the Internet speed is good compared to anywhere else we’ve been in Central/South America, restaurants are clean and the nicer restaurants serve filtered water with the meal.
    Wanna’ come visit?

  2. Brian

    Wow… great view! Much easier to see with your camera than the skype view the other day! thank you for sharing. Hope your volcano climb went well?

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