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Not So Frequently Asked Questions: 2nd Edition

These are real searches conducted by people who arrive on our website.

I like to see how people get here.

Some of them are funny and some are just plain odd.

$2.50 can buy what?
I think the reason you came to our site was to discover how much $2.50 will buy you at the local market in Boquete, Panama.

alcohol selection marina el cid
The alcohol selection at the El Cid Resort near Cancun is good.  Really good.  In fact, I think they had lots of top shelf kinds of alcohol.  Or did they?  Hmmm… don’t really remember.  Must have been good.

apt for rent in boquete
Well, you can check with our friends and perhaps rent one of their places.

can you wear ski jackets for kilimanjaro?
Nope.  It’s against the rules.  You have to wear plastic garbage sacks.

The real answer is YES,  and you should wear them, as it can get quite cold at night.

We like our Columbia jackets with the fleece liners that zip out.  It’s like having 3 jackets in one. On Kilimanjaro, you go through about 7 different climate zones, so with these jackets, it works out that each jacket covers you for 2 1/3 climate zones.

travel the world be rich
I think it’s awesome that we rank on Google for “travel the world, be rich”.  Sometimes I think we’ve got the “travel the world” part figured out.  We’re pretty good at it… I’m writing this from by 6th continent by age 30 (just missing Antarctica).  Still working on the *getting* rich part… as far as *being* rich, I am a rich person.  I have the wealth and riches of 10,000 years of recorded human history available from the comfort of a heated apartment in New Zealand.  If you are reading this on the Internet, you have the exact same wealth.  What are you doing with it?

how long does the ferry take to get to rangitoto
Rangitoto is off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand – the most recent island to form from volcanic eruption in New Zealand (about 700 years ago).  The ferry there takes about 25 minutes.  Take the tour.  It’s a good overview of the island.

ecuador food yellow spicy sauce
It’s called aji.

looking for a pitcher of a person on a zip line
*That would be an awfully big pitcher to hold someone who’s riding on a zip line, but I supposed it could be done.  If you’re looking for a picture of someone on a zip line, maybe try this post.

dinosaurs-nams,shapes and sizes
dinosaurs pictures
These people ended up on our page about the crazy dinosaur foam things from the dollar section at the grocery store.  Kind of a funny story.

panama hats xxxl
YEAH!  Someone else has a big head like me!

Volcan Pacaya Pictures
Yes, we climbed the same volcano in Guatemala that just recently erupted.  It’s called Pacaya, and I am glad I got to climb and roast marshmallows on it when I did.  I’m hoping no one’s up there attempting to roast marshmallows now.

35 kilometers is how many liters
how many litres are in a kilometers
Really? You’re back on our website again?  Don’t tell me more than one person is actually googling this phrase.

how did dachau change our world today?
The serious response to this question is that every concentration camp in the world (not only those in Germany, but the camps like this operated all over the world,) give us an opportunity to witness both the depths of depravity and heights of altruism that mankind can reach.

The less serious response to this question is, how long did you have to do this paper which you’re now googling to get an answer to the night before your paper is due?  Hope I helped you learn a bit about Dachau anyway.

article on verona during the 1500’s. and what was it like there at that time?
Seriously, do your own homework!  Verona is a great city now for visiting.

how can i afford to travel the world
how did you afford to travel the world

I love that we’re starting to come up for searches like this, because in coming weeks I’ll be detailing more in-depth about passive income and what it has meant not just for traveling the world, but for our lives in general.

how do i know if frozen bananas are bad
Cut one and take a little piece.  Wait 5 minutes for it to thaw out.  Eat the small piece.  If it tastes bad, your frozen banana has gone bad.

head tracking fro tv
I don’t know what fro tv is, but I imagine if you’re head tracking, you’re looking for a way to track people’s fro’s on different channels?  Sorry I’m not able to offer more help.

from what part of ecuador does ceviche come from
From the same place from which the department of redundancy department was invented from.

i was eating something weird
I’m sorry to hear that.  Coincidentally, I was also eating something weird.

One thought on “Not So Frequently Asked Questions: 2nd Edition

  1. Adam

    I think that person was looking for “head tracking for tv”. Which…incidentally, Microsoft is working on whole body tracking for video games with a project called Kinect (formerly called Natal).

    But…maybe they were really looking for eye tracking stuff…which is a fascinating topic to study.

    There – I hope I was more helpful to that person than you were.

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