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Milan, Italy: Didn’t Get To See The Last Supper

Exploring Milan with my Parents, Sister, and Grandma

Extremely disappointing point of the day: Having reserved tickets over a month ago on Expedia, my mom got confirmation that her tickets for seeing The Last Supper were confirmed.

However, whether it was the fault of Expedia or the travel company they hired, my parents and Grandma did not get to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The last Supper” while in Milan.

We had booking confirmations – 6 receipts, but the tour company had proof they had emailed Expedia (1 day after the tickets were booked and confirmed by Expedia) to say they were already full.

And so one of my grandma’s dreams has not been realized… seeing The Last Supper.

High point of the day: Finding Milan’s Best Gelato Shop

It’s called Chocolat, and you simply must go when in Milan.  Gelato is, of course, wonderful everywhere, and I don’t know what makes it even another level better at Chocolat, but I doubt we will ever be able to go to Milan again without us going to Chocolat.

(There was a lot more to this post about our day in Milan, but somehow it got deleted. Will return to write the rest in a while.)

3 thoughts on “Milan, Italy: Didn’t Get To See The Last Supper

  1. Baby Pickel

    Ahh- I’ve had issues with using Travelocity with a similar situation – SO NOT COOL!! So frustrating. Sorry that happened to you guys. 🙁 Did the travel agency at least give you your money back for it?! I hope so!!

    Gelato…YUM!! So delicious. I can’t imagine how absolutely delicious Italian gelato is…mmm!!!

    Lots of love from Baby Pickel

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Mom did get back money from Travelocity, but had to push pretty aggressively to get it and be willing to wait on hold and get the runaround for 45 minutes. We love being able to comparison shop, but in our travels have learned that it doesn’t make much sense to use travel agents… and definitely they can’t always deliver on what they promise. Ah well.

  2. Lisa

    It was still a really nice day — Mom summed it up well by saying “we’re good at turning lemons into lemonade!!” We were really pleased to get to visit La Scala, the opera house and museum. Seeing an opera there would be even better, but as part of the museum ticket, we got to step into a box seat and get a first-hand view of the stage. It was really cool! The museum was full of costumes and props from different shows and different eras and many were not behind glass, so you could really see the amazing detail! Walking the streets of Milan was lovely and we had some yummy food (of course!) I have to agree about the gelato — fabulous and the place is really cute too!

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