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Nobelcom Promotion Code (And) Cheapest Options for calling while in New Zealand

————— Promotional code
10% Discount on phone cards with code: CJTravel

Some people know that when I got started marketing online, the first market I talked about was calling cards.

This was because I was an exchange student in Germany.

I knew an easy way to make cheap phone calls to Germany.

At that point (2001), a cheap phone call to Germany from the United States was 9 cents/minute.

I put up a web page on Geocities (Geocities is no longer in existence) called “How to make cheap phone calls to Germany”.

Within a month, I was getting 40-50 visitors/day to that website.

However, it took me another year and a half before I was making money from marketing online.

I remember when it got to where I was promoting all over Geocities and thought I had “cracked the code” for Internet success.

I was selling 1 phone card/day!

I made 10% commissions on each phone card that was sold.  The average sale was $20.

That meant I made about $2/day, or $60 for the month.

That was in the spring of 2002, perhaps in April.

Carrie and I had started dating 2 months earlier. 

We went out and celebrated!

(I spent more on the dinner than I had made for the month.)

But that was the start of marketing and having online businesses, which is what has enabled us to travel the world.

The company that I recommended to people then for phone cards is the same company I’m recommending to you today.

The company is Nobelcom. 

I’ve sent lots of people to Nobelcom to buy calling cards over the years.


Because Nobelcom has one of the best (and longest running) track records in the online calling card industry.  For making cheap phone calls, their calling card rates are among the best.

Nobelcom provides their customers with a secure way to purchase affordable, easy-to-use prepaid phone cards online.  Nobelcom offers low rates and excellent connection quality worldwide.

As for Carrie and me, we travel with phone cards as well. 

We use phone cards in times when the rates for a phone card are better than with Skype, or when the Internet connection isn’t fast enough to use Skype. 

Having a calling card is just a good idea when you’re traveling.

One other nice feature of NobelCom phone cards is that they are rechargeable online, which means you can keep your same pin code and dial-in numbers.  This is nice to have if you’re planning on using your card for any length of time.

As part of Nobel being featured on this Feature Friday, they are offering a 10% off promotional code.

————— Promotional code
10% Discount on phone cards with code: CJTravel

4 thoughts on “Nobelcom Promotion Code (And) Cheapest Options for calling while in New Zealand

  1. Anu

    Nice…I am so happy that online marketing has allowed you to fulfill your dream of travelling the world.
    I am very interested in starting a website and follow on your foot step…From the blog grinder post, you mention to start with 1 idea and then build on that. My main idea is pranic healing…now what I need to do from here?

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hi Anu!

      To get started, go to There you will put in your name and email… over the next few days after that, you’ll get emails from me. Pay attention to the report you get called Three Money Methods 2. In that report, I show, step-by-step, a plan for getting set up online.

      You can also get the report here:
      But if you do get it from that wab page, still go to and put your name/email in so that you will get the emails sent to you in the right order.

      Alternatively, we can chat about it and I can show you a plan, but our time feels so limited here now in New Zealand. But let’s chat about it and I can lay out the idea for you and then you can follow the steps outlined in the second Three Money methods guide.

      Thanks Anu!

  2. Jose Ramon Castro


    Please, I would like to know if you are joined to NobelCom’s affiliate program at present day, and also, if is it working fine for you.

    I ask about it because over last three month I have not make any sales with NobelCom, and, before the affiliate web site was updated, I have made some sales every day.

    Best Regards

    Jose Ramon Castro

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