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Nighttime On The Roofs Of Munich

One of the best things about having friends all over the place, and staying with them when we travel, is that we inevitably meet some of their friends and contacts.

Here in Munich, we are staying at our friend Anne’s place, while she is in New Zealand. (The free place to stay in Munich and the cheap airfare that Carrie found are actually what brought us here this time.) Her apartment is in an exceptionally great location (thank-you again Anne!) and we’ll be posting our guide to Munich in map form (thanks to Google maps) very shortly.

As I was saying though, we get to meet our friends’ friends and contacts, and here in Munich we’ve met Gero, Anne’s boyfriend, and Christoph, Anne’s roommate. Christoph works not far (at all) from here, working with the Boston Consulting Group.

Tonight, he was nice enough to take us over to the Munich office for the Boston Consulting Group (which is literally a 1 minute walk door to door), and he took us up to the roof of the building. We got a REALLY great nighttime view of Munich.

A view of Munich at night from the roof of the Boston Consulting Group
In this picture, you can see (off to the right and in the distance) the (new) restoration of the towers of the Frauenkirche (the church of our Lady) that was partially destroyed during the bombing of World War II. It has been faithfully recreated, with some modern enhancements as well. (We actually went to church here at the noon service today. It’s a Catholic church, as are most churches in Southern Germany, but despite Jonathan’s Catholic upbringing, we had a hard time following along as we couldn’t find any of the mass parts in the little hymnal we got.) The Frauenkirche is the tallest building in Munich and will remain so due to a bylaw that doesn’t allow any buildings to be taller than it, which really makes for a beautiful scene for nighttime shots.

Jonathan, Carrie, and Christoph on the roof of the Boston Consulting Group in Munich
Here is us with Christoph.

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to travel and meet fun people and to share these awesome experiences through the power of the Internet.

(Thanks again Christoph for taking us to the roof of your office!)

0 thoughts on “Nighttime On The Roofs Of Munich

  1. R.Fields

    What a great picture of you with the beautiful background of the city. Jonathan, you would fit right in as a “local” if you go on over to FRANCE–with your new mustache & goatee!!
    I enjoy all your travel pictures–keep traveling &
    MERRY CHRISTMAS where ever
    you are!!! Through Christ,

  2. Jonathan

    I think that it’s fantastic you guys get to travel so much. How long are you going to be in Munich. Jenny and I have talked about it for a long time. Also what are you doing for work during your travels? So as of yesterday, we moved back to Colorado. We shipped all of our stuff using a freight carrier called ABF and flew down here last night. Our stuff should be arriving on Sunday. Fortunately, we will still have our same jobs but will be working from home. I think I shared this with you already, but I started a company called Mattress Insider a few months ago. I’d love to get your feedback on the site.

  3. Berg

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