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My Ring is Ready

After working with Michelle at Biondi for months designing and honing my ring for months, she finally called with the news I’ve been waiting for. It’s ready! Jonathan and I went to take a look at it today. Michelle took pictures of us seeing it for the first time. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to wear it (in less than two months now). I love it. Thank you Michelle and all teh Biondi team!
ring shot.jpg
Sorry, you’ll have to wait until the wedding to see what the ring looks like.

0 thoughts on “My Ring is Ready

  1. Brian

    Hey there! You both look as excited as we were having the ring made there. That’s a fune experience! Congrats, we’re looking forward to all of the upcoming fun! Brian & Jamie

  2. Jonathan

    We’re excited to show it on the wedding day! I’m glad it turned out exactly the way Carrie wanted it, and Michelle caught this photo at the perfect moment.

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