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Lyttelton Farmer’s Market: Lyttelton Near Christchurch, New Zealand

Nearby to Christchurch, New Zealand is the harbor town of Lyttelton.
Lyttelton Harbour in New Zealand
It looks like a fishing village out of late 1800’s England, which makes perfect sense, when you learn that Lyttelton, like much of New Zealand, was settled by many British during that time period.

Matt and Nicole were nice enough to take us to the Saturday morning farmer’s market in Lyttelton.  They love Lyttelton and will probably end up living there.  Its easy to see why they love it, even just from 2 hours or so spent walking around town and at the farmer’s market.
Lyttelton Harbour and farmer's market in New Zealand
The Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market is really a farmer’s market, primarily featuring organic produce grown here in New Zealand.

Among our favorites (and things we bought) were the apples, the organic chocolate stand (cacao imported from Fiji), and the feijoas.  A feijoa is a fruit I’ll be talking about in another post, no doubt.

As you’ll see in the video below from the Lyttelton Farmer’s Market, there were a good number of people there, some fun music, and Carrie and I even got a chance to do a little swing dancing.

It was a good time.  The Lyttelton Farmer’s Market is on Saturday mornings from 8AM -1 PM.  If you’re in the Christchurch area, Lyttelton and the Farmer’s Market are definitely worth a visit.

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