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Kilimanjaro2006 ranked in top sites online?

Here’s something that is very cool!
Kilimanjaro 2006 Alexa Traffic Details
Alexa is a web site that ranks traffic and trends online.  They have built
an unparalleled database of information about web sites that includes
statistics, related links and more. 

In the week of April 10th – April 17th, we were ranked in the
top 100,000 sites on the Internet, ranking as high as 20,000.

Big deal, right?  Not that impressive, right?

Only to people who have never seen Alexa before.

The best way I can explain how cool this is, is to offer you a

Take a look at some of the companies we outranked or matched for
Kilimanjaro2006 - Alexa Traffic
Kilimanjaro Alexa Traffic 3 (Recently merged – been in the news a lot)
Kilimanjaro Alexa Traffic 4
Kilimanjaro Alexa Traffic

Now admittedly, our graph drops off while these companies remain

But if we’ve gotten there once, and we know how to do it, we can
definitely get there again.

These are all huge companies, all with huge advertising budgets. 
Us, with a little web site, about our travel to Kilimanjaro, ranking in the top
100,000+ sites on the Internet!

And we haven’t even left on our trip yet.

It’s great to have marketing go according to plan. It’s also great to know that we are offering significantly more than $100 worth of value for any company looking for additional exposure.

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