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Jonathan’s Christmas Wish List

Well, there are only a few things on my list this year. Carrie and I would really like a new grill. The one we have now burns everything, especially corn (Which is actually a pretty funny story for another time).
(I actually removed this because our neighbor had one and gave it away.)
I said this on last year’s list

“Good glove liners… I have nice mitten gloves, which are great, but one of my liners went AWOL and never returned.”

and it’s true again this year.
I have glove liners… two of them this time, but they’re for the same hand.
I would also like a new suit (in black, with a 3 or 4 button jacket). I put a link in here, but I’d really like to try one on and get fitted before I buy one. Money so I can do that or a Mens Wearhouse Gift Card would work well here.

And, since we’ll be using the martini glasses for the wedding, any that are on Carrie’s list that she’s not getting, I’d like as well. We’re looking for all different ones (sets of four), that are all clear with no color to them. Here are those links again to ones we like, but don’t have yet:

Thank you everyone!

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