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Italian Apertivos: Leaving Italy

After having spent one more week with our friends Mara and Fabrizio in Verdello (near Milan), Italy, it was time to leave for Germany.

But not before partaking of one of the great things of Italy, apertivos.

Having an apertif is not only just having a drink, but it’s something of a cultural thing in Italy.

Think of it as the same concept as America’s Happy Hour, and you get the idea.

Drink specials and buffet snacks are part of the Apertivo experience.

Because there are so many historical places and nice plazas to visit, you can almost always find an apertivo place somewhere near a cathedral, castle, or old city wall and moat.

Our final Thursday night in Italy, Mara and Fabri took us to a nearby town for apertivos.

It was quite nice to tour through the old city and sit by the fountains coming out of what used to tbe the old city’s moat.

After apertivos, Mara and Fabri took us to meet up with other new friends (Adriano and Cami) at the Centro Sportivo for a birra spina, costine, and polenta con porcini (Beer on tap, ribs, and polenta with porcini mushrooms).

Thank-you Mara and Fabri for your hospitality, for some great times shared over excellent food, and great friendship.

And congratulations once again on your marriage!

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