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Interviewed again on James Martell’s Affiliate Radio Show

It’s an interesting road when you venture out to do something different than the status quo, or different than the norm.

James and Arlene Martell are people I have learned a lot from in my journey towards online affiliate income. They are definitely role models as a couple that works together in their business and life, and make the pieces of a complex picture work well together.

It’s quite fun to be asked by the people you admire if you would be willing to share your experiences and perspectives with them, and we got the opportunity to do that a couple weeks ago (from Italy) on James and Arlene’s show (Affiliate Buzz) for affiliate marketers.

You can listen to the radio show (or download the audio and listen to it as an MP3 on your phone/player) from the link below.

2 thoughts on “Interviewed again on James Martell’s Affiliate Radio Show

  1. Marty Fields

    I am SO IMPRESSED and PROUD OF YOU GUYS. Keep up the good work, and keep enjoying life. Maybe you’ll be as fortunate as my expected
    guests this week from Australia–ages 86 and 83, and still able to travel!! They were high school sweethearts; had 5 kids and adopted 13
    I think. Wonderful people & a great inspiration to me.

  2. Lisa

    I’m so impressed and so proud of them too and they’re my kids!! It’s great to see you getting so much out of this amazing opportunity you’ve made for yourselves!! It will be an interesting journey to see where it takes you from here! Enjoy!

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