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Indian McDonald’s: Trying a McVeggie Burger

Indian McDonald’s: Trying a McVeggie Burger

So far, no one has asked me about the deliciousness of Indian Curries (except Anu).
I’m sure some people want to know what makes Indian food so delicious, but by far the most common questions I’ve been asked about food in India are:

-Have you had a McVeggie Burger?
-What does the McVeggie Burger taste like?

So in the interest of being able to answer these questions, I have visited McDonald’s.
Indian McDonald’s: Trying a McVeggie Burger
Yes, you can not eat beef in India. And yes, cows are sacred do have the right of way here. Cows go wherever they want, and for the most part really not penned in at all.

It works in India. I don’t think it would work in the U.S.

Anyway… yes, you can order a McVeggie Burger.
Indian McDonald’s: Trying a McVeggie Burger
After trying it, I think McDonald’s should be selling it in the USA, because I think it would sell very well.

(Maybe they already do sell it in the USA? I really don’t know…)

Anyway, thanks to Bhanu for taking us for our first-ever McVeggie Burger. Here is the video we made of the experience.

8 thoughts on “Indian McDonald’s: Trying a McVeggie Burger

  1. harsha

    would you tell me the difference in burger size in america and india? i am just curious. i was just googling and came across this site. fortunately, this seeems to be recent post.. No offense, man. do reply to this…

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hi Harsha,

      I have no idea to be honest. It has been a long time since I have been to a McDonald’s in the US, and without having them side by side or a ruler to compare, I wouldn’t know really. From what I remember of US McDonald’s hamburgers, they are about the same size as India’s burgers. Hope that’s helpful!

      1. harsha

        ha ha.. thanks a lot.. quite a funny reply. 🙂 i had an argument with my mom just now and she bets that US McD’s are quite larger compared to India McD’s.. thanks for the reply, Jonathan. 😉

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