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In Colorado For 5 Days Only

Being back in Colorado for 5 days has been a rushed but wonderful time.  Since landing, we’ve pretty much been on the go.

We rented a car and drove as far east as the Colorado/Nebraska border (3 1/2 hours by car), as far north as Fort Collins (3 1/2 hours back west and north), as far west as Federal and 6th Avenue, and as far south as my parents house in Aurora.

In 5 days, we’ve driven over 1,000 miles, seen family and friends all over the state, and have tried to make the most possible of every moment.

I feel like we’ve accomplished that in a lot of ways.

At the same time, we both come from families that are strong, and we have deep roots in Colorado.

Even though I am excited to arrive and move forward to new locations (especially Tahiti), seeing new parts of the world and meeting with new experiences and new people, I find myself sad and not ready to leave.

Ready to arrive and ready to go, but at the same time, not ready to leave again.

Our families are so important to us

The reality of not seeing them for a year or more as we travel around the world brings a bittersweet feeling.

To our families, thank you for your love and support, and for giving us a home to come home to, even if it’s been for a very short five days.

One thought on “In Colorado For 5 Days Only

  1. Michelle

    So wish I could have seen you while you were there. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to see you during your travels again. Hope so!

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