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How We’ve Spent The Last Few Days

There’s not much newsworthy to report when you spend a few days in a hotel in Costa Rica, working on a computer and talking on the phone
Carrie on the phone at Hotel Adventure Inn, in San Jose, Costa Rica
(We use Skype for most of our calling – Carrie’s actually on the phone with the hotel lobby in this photo).

But I think it’s important to post here too about the work we do.

Alongside all of the cool things we get to do, and places we get to go, we also do spend a fair amount of time working.

So, we’ve spent a few days at the Adventure Inn hotel, not really going on any adventures in Costa Rica.

But the hotel is nice, relatively quiet, and the Internet is good speed (especially compared to the speeds we’ve experienced in many parts of Central America).

That means that this is a good time and place for us to be working.

Instead of having adventures, we’ve been reviewing our adventures from 2009, working on posting content and communicating with the people we work with, and also generally getting prepared for an awesome 2010.
Carrie on the phone at Hotel Adventure Inn, in San Jose, Costa Rica

I post this picture and post here just to show that we do work while we are living in different countries around the world – it’s just that our work, and the way we’ve set up our lives (and have worked to set up our lives since 2004), allows us to travel while working.

And in case you’re wondering (people have been asking recently), here are some of the sites we’ve been working on:

One thought on “How We’ve Spent The Last Few Days

  1. Lisa

    I enjoyed seeing your pictures, but seems a shame to be missing the tropical air and sights of Costa Rica!! Takes a lot of discipline to do what you guys do, but I know you are experiencing a lot of the culture and sights along the way too!

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