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Hot Chocolate in June

You’ve heard of “Christmas in July”, but for us, it’s hot chocolate in June.

We knew when we booked our trip to New Zealand that we’d be coming in the winter. We thought it would be fun. Spending a winter during what is normally (for us Northern hemisphere dwellers) a summer.

We thought we came prepared. And we did. Mostly. We still picked up a few extras once we got here: hats, scarves, slippers. That sort of thing.

But, what we did remember to bring with us was: hot chocolate. Our stockings last Christmas we stocked with some delicious Land O Lakes Hot Chocolate packets. And, while they’re all good, we discovered our favorite today: Chocolate Graham.

We’ve tried the hot chocolate (Cadbury) here as well, and it’s just not as good as Land O Lakes.

Mmmmmm chocolately goodness…it’s like a smore in a cup. Perfect for warming up on a cold and rainy day.

2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate in June

    1. strive4impact

      It is really funny… even a lot of the advertising online is all geared towards “summer” stuff (vacations, sunglasses, beachwear, etc.) and we’re hanging out here in cool to cold weather. I like it here though. It’s nice. Tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny all day. Whoo-hoo!

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