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Helsinki Couchsurfing Was Great!

We’ve previously done Couchsurfing in Hong Kong, Brunei, and Singapore. Those experiences were absolutely fantastic and have resulted in pretty cool relationships.

The idea behind Couchsurfing is not just to have a place to crash for the night, but also to meet some locals and experience what they know.

Here’s what is funny about our Couchsurfing experiences:

– In Singapore we stayed with someone from the UK, who had been living in Singapore for 5 years.
– In Hong Kong we stayed with an American who had been living there for 20 years.
– In Brunei we stayed with an American who had been living there for 5 years.
– In Helsinki we stayed with… An American with Finnish roots who has been back and forth between Finland and the states his whole life.

(Kaveli in Helsinki was also the person who responded most quickly to us with a positive response.)

We really would like to connect with locals in addition to expats. So we’ll be looking for that with our next Couchsurf.

However, our experiences with the expats we’ve met on CouchSurfing has been great.

Kaveli has Finnish roots and has bounced back and forth between the US and Finland for most of his life.

He does, however, hope to ultimately settle somewhere in the mountains of Colorado.

We learned all of this while staying with him, as well as learned about the common interest we have in being outdoors, cabins in the mountains, and American bison.

We’re looking forward to meeting Kaveli again somewhere in the world. From the sounds of things, we will likely meet up with him in Colorado next time, since that is where most of his family lives.

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