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Happy Birthday News

Today is my 30th birthday.
Wow, the big 3 – 0 ohmy.gif
Actually, 30 has never been a big deal to me (as far as getting older or whatever).
But it is kind of a momentous occasion, and I wanted to do something momentous to mark the occasion…
So in addition to the party we had last night (Thanks everyone for attending! It was a great time!), I’ve started something rolling today which I hope will be fantastic and amazing going forward.

Reviewing my writing over the past couple of months, it occurred to me recently that I’ve written some pretty good and useful stuff in the past 17 years.
And most of that useful writing is doing nothing but sitting in a green binder, or scattered throughout notebooks that I’ve used over the past 17 years.
So, in honor of today, I’m publishing (nearly) everything I’ve written (since I was 13) online.
It’s taken me nearly a year to type up everything, and it’s also taking a long time to schedule it for publishing. But I want it to post gradually, 1 post/day, because it has been a journey for me.
All my letters to God, my frustrations with girls, my poems, etc.
They will be posted here:
There’s only one post up there today, written when I was 13.
And there will be one more tomorrow, and one more the day after that, and another the day after that…
In fact, I’m currently scheduled for 1 post per day through 9 months from now (at which time I’m 17).
I’ll probably post a reminder about 4 months from now that you can go and read all my writing there (if you’re so inclined).
Hope you get as much out of reading it as I have out of living it and re-reading it from time to time.
And again, thank-you for your birthday wishes!

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  1. Anonymous

    Jonathan. I had no idea you’ve always been such a writer. Love it and look forward to hearing bits of wisdom from your 13 year old self. Happy 30th! This is a GREAT decade ;-). Em

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