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Gulf Air: An awesome experience

Today, I don’t know what the slogans of the major airlines are in the United States

Two slogans of airlines that I remember from growing up are:

Come Fly the Friendly Skies
We Love to Fly… and it shows.

Both slogans could be used to 100% accurately describe our whole experience with Gulf Air.

Of course, I’m naturally going to love an airline that upgraded us to business class for one leg of our flight (4 hours) and gave the exit row seating for another leg of our flight (5 hours).

However, what made our experience so great with Gulf Air was how friendly all the staff were, from the person directing us which line to stand in, to the person checking us in, to the guy tagging our carry-on luggage. The in-air attendants were awesome.

Basically, our flight with Gulf Air from Mumbai to Manama, Bahrain, and then along again to Milan, Italy, was everything a flight should be and more. The flight, staff, and the attendants were calm, fun, friendly, and super-helpful.

What a great experience it was to fly with Gulf Air.

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