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Golden Mango Inn, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Golden Mango Inn hotel siem reap cambodia

We arrived this morning in Siem Reap, after a long and uncomfortable night bus.  When we arrived at the station, the hotel was going to pick us up, but they weren’t there.

We grabbed a tuk-tuk and went to the hotel.

When we got there, they were having a rough day.  The power had gone out the day before, and they’d lost everything.   They didn’t know who was coming in, who needed to be picked up, or who was staying in what rooms.

Golden Mango Inn hotel siem reap cambodia

So, unfortunately, we couldn’t check in early.  But that’s ok, since they still gave us breakfast and juice and were very friendly.  We were able to check in at 2pm (which is their normal check in time).

The room was great!  It was very clean, comfortable, and quiet.  The shower had hot water, plenty of space, and a shower curtain.  (I’ve nearly forgotten what those are like.)

I would definitely recommend The Golden Mango.  Sony, the manager, is very knowledgeable and helpful.   And, to make up for not picking us up from the bus station, they took us to the airport for free when we left.

The restaurant was really great there as well.  We ate there for dinner twice because it was so good.

The only thing that could have made the hotel better, would be if the internet worked in our room.  It just didn’t stretch that far, for whatever reason.  So we had to use it in the lobby or the restaurant.

3 thoughts on “Golden Mango Inn, Siem Reap, Cambodia

  1. Marty

    So glad you made it to Angkor-Wat & did you see the unusual Bayon Trees? Those places are the most unusual of any in the world I think.
    The Bayon Restaurant in Siem Reap does a great Cultural show–beautiful costumes. We stayed in the Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap–remember the ones with the 2 Sugar Bears in a cage behind the hotel by the pool. Did you remember? They are SO CUTE & friendly as the owner raised them from cubs. Go see them if you are still there.

    1. Sony

      Hi Carrie & Jonathan,

      Happy New Year 2012.

      Hope both of you are having a great time.

      We are really happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay with us here and also your holiday in Cambodia.

      Now we are having a swimming pool construction, it should be ready to use in mid March of 2012. If you come back again, please bring your swimming suit hehe…

      We wish you all the best and hope to see you again next time.

      Best regards from Angkor,

      Sony & GMI Team 🙂

      1. strive4impact

        Hey Sony!

        Thanks for making the time to visit and comment on our website. We hope to return to Angkor Wat some day in the future… when we do, we’ll be sure to come and enjoy the pool. I am sure that the pool will be a wonderful addition to the Golden Mango Inn! Thanks for taking good care of us while we were there!

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