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Getting Ready for Our World Travel

Getting ready this past week to go travel the world for an as-yet undefined amount of time has been very eventful.
In fact, it’s been a crazy six weeks since making a decision on August 22 to hit a new position with Pre-Paid Legal.
Meditate on getting ready for world travelAs the picture is meant to imply imply, I could have used some time in the midst of it to set things aside for a 3-5 minute period to meditate or relax, but I didn’t feel there was time to do even that.
(I feel like I would have just fallen asleep instead.)
None of this is here as a complaint.
I’ve published the list of activity from the past week simply to say that becoming a vagabond and location independent person takes a fair amount of preparation and work.
This also is here because I had to write it down to remember everything that was accomplished this past week.
As for the past week…

It started at 6:30 on Friday morning (Sept. 25th) with Carrie leaving to pick up her sister Michelle at DIA. Then shopping for and setting up my 30th birthday party at my parent’s house, taking my car to be shown to a potential buyer, dinner with Michelle and Carrie, picking up my friend Brittany three hours later than anticipated because she missed her flight due to LAX traffic, taking her to stay at my parent’s because Michelle (Carrie’s sister) was staying with us, going back to our apartment from my parent’s house, getting back at 2AM.
Sept. 26th:
Getting up Saturday morning and going to a regional event for Pre-Paid Legal, giving a talk there (about dreams) to 300+ people, going to my parent’s house to pick up Brittany to take her to a wedding on the west side of Denver (which was why she came into town), attempting to get to the wedding (wrong address), ultimately not going to the wedding at all because I would have missed my party, my awesome birthday party – thanks Carrie and Mom and Dad and everyone for coming!
Sunday, Sept. 27th – my actual birthday:
Packing up our apartment, saying bye to Carrie’s sister Jamie, birthday dinner at my parent’s house.
Monday, Sept. 28th:
Birthday lunch with Carrie’s sister Michelle, saying bye to Carrie’s sister Michelle at the airport, trips back and forth from the storage unit, showing my car.
Tuesday, Sept. 29th:
Packing up our apartment, trips to the storage unit, reorganizing the storage unit for maximum storage (didn’t quite all fit into the 10’x5’x14′ tall space that we got), driving to Fort Collins on Tuesday night for my sister Deanna’s concert, back to our apartment at 1:30 AM.
Wednesday, Sept. 30th:
Last business day of the month, so craziness there business-wise. Packing up the last of the apartment. Having dinner with my Grandma on Wednesday evening. Moving the last things out of our apartment – going to storage unit. Turning in the keys to the apartment. At my parent’s house at 2:00 AM.
Thursday, Oct. 1st:
Selling my car on Thursday morning took two hours longer than expected. Stopping by Denver’s best ice cream for a treat and to say bye to Patrick and Julie. Making home made pizza for Adam and Laura and my parents at my parent’s house, running errands for items not yet purchased for 3 months of travel.
Friday, Oct. 2nd:
Running errands including turning in our Internet/cable box to Comcast, driving to Holyoke (3 hours) on Friday, visiting with Carrie’s grandparents Elton and Eunice and Grandma Ruby, having dinner with Carrie’s mom and Larry, and Carrie’s brother’s family. Setting up a computer for Carrie’s brother’s family.
Saturday, Oct. 3rd:
Leaving Carrie’s car in Holyoke, getting up to get to Sterling for our niece Emma’s volleyball game, having breakfast with Carrie’s mom and brother’s family in Sterling, meeting Laura and my mom in Ft. Morgan (Carrie’s mom drove us there, my mom and Laura picked us up), last minute item shopping in Aurora, dinner with my parents, packing until 2:30 AM.
Sunday, Oct. 3rd:
Both of my parents take us to the airport at 4:45 AM to leave for DIA.
Throughout the week:
– Getting items scheduled for posting online over the next 2 years on Strive4impact.
– Fielding phone calls to support our Pre-Paid Legal team and also figuring out strategies for promoting what could be the largest launch in Internet history.

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