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From Quito, Ecuador to Mindo, Ecuador

Today, Carrie and I were supposed to go to Mindo, Ecuador.

Apparently, there are lots of fun things to do in Mindo, including:

  • Take a tour of a place where they make natural chocolate
  • Glide through the forest canopy on zip lines (for just $10)
  • Go to a butterfly farm
  • Go tubing down a river
  • Take a coffee tour

That’s why we wanted to go to Mindo.

We got a late start though, and after doing some research online, we learned that at least from Bus Terminal Ofelia (in the very north of Quito), there aren’t that many buses going to Mindo.

We left our apartment at 3:15PM, figuring we’d get there in time for the 4:00PM bus to Mindo.

Long story short, it took a long time to get to the Ofelia bus station, and we arrived about 10 minutes AFTER the 4:00PM bus to Mindo had left.

So, we bought our tickets for tomorrow (Palm Sunday).

I took a few pictures at Ofelia bus station, (posted below) because finding the office at Terminal Ofelia to buy the tickets to Mindo wasn’t easy or obvious.

If you take a taxi, it costs $0.25 to enter Ofelia bus station, in addition to whatever bus you decide to take.

If you take the blue or yellow city bus, it will drop you off inside of the station.

Go through all the main terminal area (with the Quito area buses).

Getting to Mindo from Ofelia Bus Station in Quito, Ecuador

On the other side, you will actually exit the main terminal area (even though you just paid $0.25 to enter the bus station).

Getting to Mindo from Ofelia Bus Station in Quito, Ecuador

From there, go up to the stairs and look for the sign “Coop. Flor Del Valle”  coop. stands for “Co-operativa”

Getting to Mindo from Ofelia Bus Station in Quito, Ecuador

All of this is, I’m sure, subject to change, but as of now, this is the way to get your bus tickets to go to Mindo from Ofelia bus station.

We’re back at the apartment tonight in Quito, but we bought our tickets today for the 9:20 AM bus to Mindo.

We’ll be leaving our apartment at 8:15 to be sure we get to terminal Ofelia in time.

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