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FOX 31 went great!

Hi Everyone!
Just a super-quick posting today…
Thank-you all for your support of us! The news show went awesome and we’ll get a video of it up as soon as possible!
After the interview on Good Day Colorado, we went to Gart Sports and picked up a really good deal (sale) on a sleeping bag. We’re borrowing one sleeping bag, so we bought one. For $20, we got a sleeping bag that is rated to 0 degrees, which is exactly what we need for Kilimanjaro!
More updates coming soon!

0 thoughts on “FOX 31 went great!

  1. Christoph

    Carrie und Jonathan im Fernsehen??! 🙂
    Sorry, I wasnt able to watch it. I had to be at the USCIS office in Denver and also FOX31 is reeeeeaaally “snowy” here (no cable). See you guys soon! Christoph

  2. Don Canaan

    Well here in sunny Florida, we can’t pick up your station. But I sure am looking forward to seeing the video.
    Since you already seem to have a contact at the station, why don’t you encourage them to contact national Fox News to send a camera crew (or at least free-lancers) along with you in NYC, Washington DC, or Orlando
    It would make a hellueva documentary.

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